Our mission? Register your brand the easy way.

Behind easybrands® is a law firm from Vienna specialized in trademark law. The trademark applications are therefore handled with legal professionalism and confidentiality.

Due to our extensive expertise in the field of trademark law, we can offer you all services related to the protection of your trademarks on our new online platform. These services include trademark registration, legal advice and trademark searches, which we carry out in Austria, Germany or throughout the European Union. Each service package on easybrands® is provided with a flat rate in order to keep the costs completely transparent.

Have your trademark protected by a lawyer on easybrands® today – the protection of your trademark on easybrands® is only a few mouse clicks away!

Dr. Oliver Peschel

Dr. Oliver Peschel

attorney at law

Easybrands® was founded by the lawyer Dr. Oliver Peschel.

Dr. Oliver Peschel has represented well-known companies in trademark law as head of the trademark department of a large Viennese law firm. International corporations as well as SMEs and start-ups were advised in the context of establishing a new brand, defending existing trademark rights or licensing. Dr. Oliver Peschel therefore advises his clients with comprehensive experience and expertise.

The law firm of Dr. Oliver Peschel, based in Vienna, specializes in trademark law and IP law. Further information can also be found at www.peschel.at.